Hi there!

My name is Robb. I am a writer. I also design card sets to help people write stronger stories.

I wanted to write stories my whole life, but I took a lot of work. I could write a book about overcoming writer’s block. As I once wrote in a notebook, “I am a prison of stories and souls.” I kept thinking up new stories to write, but my battle with the blank page always ended in a humiliating retreat.

This year I wrote my first novel draft. Gah! Now I have to learn how to edit a manuscript. And I need to start my next draft. I have too many stories to tell to keep procrastinating my life.

My Story

Ignore this part for now. I’m writing my story tomorrow. 🙂

My Product

Want to see my card set? You can use a standard set of cards and this guide to practice writing stories.

Get Social

Love AI art? Follow me on Mastodon to see what I’m doing. I am obsessed with AI-assisted digital art and love to share my new discoveries.