Plot Point

Write a passage that moves the story forward in some way. Perhaps change direction or momentum, or just pass a threshold.

TypeStory Subject
Suit♥️ Change
Card ValueAce
CategoryStoryline Card

Example from Literature

Three days passed, by which time Buck and his mates found how really tired and weak they were. Then, on the morning of the fourth day, two men from the States came along and bought them, harness and all, for a song…. Buck heard the chaffering, saw the money pass between the man and the Government agent, and knew that the Scotch half-breed and the mail-train drivers were passing out of his life on the heels of Perrault and François and the others who had gone before. When driven with his mates to the new owners’ camp, Buck saw a slipshod and slovenly affair, tent half stretched, dishes unwashed, everything in disorder.

—Jack London, The Call of the Wild