The random writing prompt generator.

Write story .

Concept inspired by Protobot, the site for generating random product ideas for designers. Here I have combined story categories and story constraints to create a unique story prompt. Currently, it will generate 1 of 120,000+ prompts. You can see the code in action on JSFiddle.

Note: Click the red or blue text to regenerate that portion of the prompt.

Here is the prompt that I used to generate the lists using ChatGPT. (ChatGPT also wrote the code following my instructions.)

A “story category” is a brief, 3 to 5-word description that captures the essence of a particular narrative theme or genre. It is written in lowercase initials, except for proper nouns, and should convey the overall setting, tone, or type of story that the prompt aims to inspire. Examples include “sci-fi action thriller,” “romantic comedy,” or “historical drama.”

A “story constraint” is a 5 to 8-word phrase that adds a unique twist or specific element to the story. It is also written in lowercase initials, except for proper nouns. The constraint should be unusual, engaging, or thought-provoking, encouraging the writer to think creatively within the given limitation. Examples include “where animals possess human-like intelligence,” “set on a constantly moving train,” or “involving a long-lost family heirloom.”

To create a story prompt, the story category and story constraint are combined in a sentence, following the structure: “Write a [story category] story [story constraint].” This format prompts the writer to create a story within the specified category, incorporating the given constraint as a central or influential aspect of the narrative. The resulting combination sparks the writer’s imagination and encourages them to develop unique and engaging stories.